Project Support Services

Services to support the delivery of your project

Governance is often overlooked by some project teams, however it is an essential activity that informs and provides confidence to the organisation that the project team is in control

As you move into delivery of your project, it is important to ensure you have the correct level of governance in place, too little you risk being caught out by changes or issues that you were not aware of leading often to delays and ultimately over spend, too much then you are at risk of asking your team to adhere to processes that do not benefit the delivery often leading to wasted time and potentially delay and over spend

Here at Optimal our team has considerable experience of working with a varied range of PMO and governance structures, and so can advise you of appropriate levels and activities of governance to support your delivery

Project Reporting

By setting up appropriate project reporting all stakeholders can receive the information they need when they need it, providing them confidence in the progress of the project and team

Having worked with various organisations we have experience in a range of reporting structures, this allows us to tailor a set of KPIs and reports that provide the information required without falling into the trap of reporting for no benefit

PMO Advice and Support

You may be an organisation that through growth or simply a company looking to implement more structure around your delivery of projects

Our team have worked with numerous organisations with varying level of governance so we can advise what's appropriate for you, whether it's a formal structure with checkpoints or a more informal process with stakeholder sign offs at key stages

Risk Management

All companies have a different view and tolerance of risks, however without true understanding of your project risks, their impact and likelihood, then you are at serious risk of either not delivering what was expected or doing so but we delay and increased costs

We can provide risk management as a specific task, or as part of a project support package. We work with you to determine how tolerant to risk you are, then to determine a suitable risk management plan

Change and Operational Readiness

Implementing a technical and business process solution is only one part of the puzzle

To actually deliver a business solution and achieve the expected business benefits of a project the project must ensure all stakeholders are fully engaged and ready to transition to the new solution

Our professionals are more than ready to support you with this critical phase of your project