Manufacturing Services

Most companies in the manufacturing industry and in particular the plastics processing sector, are very aware of the importance of reducing costs, especially in these times of increasing competition from low cost labour markets, increasing raw material costs and ever demanding customer pricing.

In order to reduce costs, it is vital to understand your manufacturing costs and, more importantly, be able to identify areas where cost savings can be made. This can only be achieved by collecting, collating and reporting on data from the manufacturing process.

We provide products and services, specifically aimed at improving a companies manufacturing performance.

Our experience gained over the last fifteen years has provided us with the knowledge and insight to be able to review a companies current performance, advise where changes could be made, and implement changes, resulting in improved manufacturing performance, reduced costs and improved profits ...


Manufacturing Evaluation and Improvement Service

This service is self-explanatory, our mission is to accurately

EVALUATE .. Improvement can only be gauged once you know your true performance. Our independent and removed analysis of a companies manufacturing performance, using advanced analysis tools and methods can very quickly provide an accurate and informed view of your manufacturing performance.

IDENTIFY .. Using the data collected in the Evaluation stage, we can then very quickly identify where inefficiency lies. This could be in equipment, tooling, labour, work flow, logistics or any combination of.

RECOMMEND .. at this point a company will have a clear picture of its true manufacturing performance. An understanding of where inefficiencies are, and what effect these have on the resulting performance. We can now recommend what will feel best benefit the company.

IMPLEMENT .. we can work with you to implement your chosen solution. This will involve all stages of implementation, including sourcing, installation, commissioning, training and more training … By using our implementation service it will remove any additional workload from existing personnel, and ensure that your chosen solution is up and running in the shortest possible time.

Throughout this process we will utilise many products/tools available from our partner SYSCON-PlantStar

Together with tried and tested LEAN Manufacturing principles.