Case Study

Finewood based in Brighton with regional offices in the UK and Asia, like so many small businesses had grown over time, adding more and more employees, without really considering their IT structure. They used Microsoft PEER to PEER networking to allow file and printer sharing, this was fine but introduced problems such as duplication of work, security issues, and potential data loss through sporadic storage and backup policies.

They approached MTec with an idea of what they wanted to do, and ask us to investigate and specify suitable solutions, after consulting and carrying out a needs analysis with Finewood. We specified MicroSoft Small Business Server, running on an ACER Altos G530 SCSI RAID server. This provided the required level of data protection and failsafe. For backup of data a TANBERG removable disk device was used to allow removal from site of backups, in addition the server was fitted with a bulk backup drive to allow easy access to backups if needed.

Microsoft exchange server was implemented on the server allowing Finewood to control their email, and a server based file structure was established for storage of company data. This meant all users (with necessary permissions) could access files from a common location. Further more using the VPN connectivity set up by MTec users can now access files anywhere in the world.

For Internet connectivity at the various offices, Draytek routers were specified. These provided the necessary security, reliability and VPN connectivity that Finewood required. Whilst being easy to implement and manage.

January 2010
PlantStar customer uses new CIM-DIO units to monitor recently installed machines. A recent expansion by an exisiting customer has required a number of new data collection modules to be installed.

The latest CIM-DIO units were installed, these browser based units have up to 4 machines to connected to each of them, in addtion a touch screen PC was installed for each CIM-DIO to provide the operator interface to the system.
December 2009
Injection moulder has connected a number of their automated assembly cells onto their SYSCON-PlantStar system, as well as connecting new injection moulding machines recently installed into the assembly area.

The injection moulding machines are monitored for production information, in addition a number of process paramaters such as cushion are monitored, if any of these processes deviate outside of set limits then under machine conveyors linked to the PlantStar system automatically divert the products.
November 2008
A long time customer of SYSCON-PlantStar, had recently introduced a new ERP system replacing their existing system. We and PlantStar had integrated their previous system and now they obviously wanted similar integration to their new system.

Using PlantStar standard integration tools we were able to test and complete the integration within 2 days. This resulted in the customer automatically passing Product standard data and work order information from their ENIAC ERP system to their PlantStar PORTRAIT system.

We then closed the loop by exporting automatically collected production data including part counts, labour hours and downtime information back to the ENIAC system to update work order information.