IT Services

Whether you are a small company with just a few users and computers, or a larger organisation with a higher number of users and computers.  Then you probably realise by now that things do not always work as they should or more importantly as you want.

When that time comes we can help.   You may need help with your existing systems, or may be outgrowing your current systems.

Either way our support engineers are there to assist you.

Some of the Services we offer

We pride ourselves on being flexible and capable. Below are some of the more common services and products we provide. However if you have a request that is not covered below then please contact us direct to discuss.

IT Support
For companies between 1 - 50 users we offer server/network/PC support.

This includes regular health checks to identify potential problems before they happen.


Planning, installation and trouble shooting networks, both Wired and Wireless.
Microsoft Server Solutions
For companies who require a server solution, we offer an end to end solution for Microsoft server products.

Remote Access and VPN

If you have more than one office or remote users, then you may wish to have remote access to your corporate network either from remote office or home.


We realise that your systems are critical to you, and if you have a problem then it can seriously impact your business.

We offer professional support services on a contract and non-contract basis.

We can support your Servers, PCs, and networks.

System Health checks

We can carry out regular systems health checks. It is a fact that these health checks can prevent many of the problems that companies have.

This ultimately saves companies money lost due to systems down times and disruption to business, and avoids more costly IT support calls as prevention normally costs a lot less than the cure.