Project Consultancy

Specific services designed to support and accelerate your project delivery when you need them

Here at Optimal our team has considerable delivery experience of a variety of technical and business solutions, and are expert at completing and managing completion of specific activities often required during project delivery

Our flexible engagement options ensure you only utilise resources as and when the project requires them

Project Initiation

Having had initial approval to look at the feasibility of a project, we can now help you with such activities of defining business objectives, relating these to benefits, and creation of the business case and capital expenditure expectations

Our team have considerable experience of working with senior stakeholders to help establish clear programme or project objectives, and to determine the true feasibility of a project, without defining this clearly at the start you are at considerable risk of not being able to deliver the expected benefits

Business Analysis

As we know to enable someone to deliver something effectively the requirement needs to be understood and communicated to all project stakeholders. Failure to do so can lead to something being delivered that does not meet the business objectives expected by all stakeholders

This is where a business analyst can help support you. By working with the various stakeholders they can discuss, collect and prioritise the often numerous and differing business requirements, whilst ensuring the high level objectives are always considered

Facilitated Workshops

There will often be times during a project that requires a specific session to resolve a question or mis-understanding, this could be a requirement question, design question, or a simple project delivery question

It is shown that a proven way to often resolve these questions is through a specific workshop. We can help facilitate and coach these sessions whilst providing the independency often required in these sessions, we can be on hand to provide expertise and advice whilst not directly influencing decisions

Change and Operational Readiness

Implementing a solution is only one part of the puzzle

To actually deliver a business solution and achieve the expected business benefits of a project the project must ensure all stakeholders are fully engaged and ready to transition to the new solution

Our professionals are more than ready to support you with this critical phase of your project