How we can help ..

Great news, you had an idea, you outlined the business objective, and you have drafted the business case and convinced the sponsor and budget holder that your proposal will bring real benefit to the company .. and brilliantly they have approved the project and finance !

Now you’ve got to deliver, this raises it’s own questions, not least who will deliver the project ?

You could use existing company resources, and certainly they will need to be involved but having these manage and lead key activities has it’s own risks

This is where we can help. Our team of professionals have between them over 50 years of successfully delivering change into a variety of organisations. We can provide flexible engagement terms that offer you numerous advantages, such as,

Tailored engagements

Projects by their nature are variable meaning when engaging project resources through employment or contract you often find they are not actually fully utilised

By working with you to determine your plan and therefore resource requirements we can ensure that you only pay for resources when actually engaged in project activities

Clear Employment Status

By engaging with us on a B2B basis via a statement of work there is no grey area of employment status

Therefore no risk of infringing new rules around employment and IR35 status, something that is now affecting companies looking to directly contract resources

Pay for results not time booked

Payment based upon delivery and milestones

By setting out key activities and milestones we can tailor our payment schedules by key project milestones, ensuring you are actually paying for results

So what do we do ..

Programme Resources

Whether you are looking for someone to help manage transformational change or simply need an expert to support business analysis, we can help

Consultancy Services

You may have your team to deliver in place but have certain areas of unknown in your project
We have the expertise and experience in a wide range of functions and solutions to help you find the answers

Project Support Services

How do you ensure your project delivers what is expected, on time and to budget ?
We can provide PMO functions as well as Project Management coaching to ensure your project delivery goes as planned and achieves it’s objectives on time and to budget

Our Clients

We have worked with a variety of organisations, from SME companies looking for support on individual projects, to large global enterprises looking for assistance with delivering major transformational changes, and include ..